Four day training ACT in Rehab and psychosomatic team care with Graciela Rovner

Dates: This workshop will be rescheduled. New dates will be announced later.
Location: In Bunnik (witte huisjes).
Price: One person pays € 800,00. The second person from the same team pays € 600,00. Every extra person from the same team pays € 500, 00 euro. Lunch included.

Trainer: Graciela Rovner is known as a highly inspirational and fun workshop leader. She is a senior pain specialist physiotherapist, her PhD is in Medicine (Rehabilitation Medicine) and she has masters in clinical medical sciences, psychology and physiotherapy graduated in Sweden. She is the only physiotherapist that is ACBS-peer-reviewed ACT trainer. She has specialized in adapting and developing ACT for the inter-professional team and all the professions working in pain rehabilitation and mental health settings. Her clinical implementation research focuses on how to evaluate, select and allocate patients with chronic pain in different rehabilitation programs, and how to tailor these programs to meet the patients’ unique needs, even while delivering group-based rehab.
Jacqueline A-Tjak will also be present to assist and translate if necessary.

This workshop will be centered around some important themes
1) Working in a multidisciplinary team benefits from finding a common language. In this workshop you will learn to talk about ACT processes in a easy-to-grasp-way.
2) Working with ACT without losing the skills and expertise that each different professional has in the team. How can a physiotherapist deliver ACT consistent physiotherapy without mimicking the psychologist? How can all professionals do what they do best, together in an ACT fashion?
3) Systematically assess, select and allocate patients adjusted to their existing resources, facilitators and barriers
4) Learn how to tailor and modularize the different programs according to the patients’ different needs and behavioral patterns
5) Integrate the body in the ACT processes using ACTiveBODY.

It is recommended to participate with at least two people from the same team in this training, which will facilitate the implementation of the ACTiveRehab model in the team-work.

Level of previous training: This training is meant for workers in rehabilitation (revalidatie) and/or  psychosomatic care, who are already somewhat experienced in ACT. Theoretical knowledge about the ACT model as well as practical experience with ACT are important. The basic theory of ACT will not be explained in this training.

Credits (accreditatie): will be applied for with the KNGF and the Keurmerk. For other Dutch professionals CE’s can be applied for when enough trainees will profit from it.

More information is to be found in the flyer Information four day training ACT in rehab with Graciela Rovner

Registration: you can register at this page.  Download the application form (application form Four day training ACT in rehabilitation), fill it in, save it on your computer and send it to us by email. Please specify if you come with more than one person from the same team. You will receive instructions for payment by email after applying. You can let us know whether certain themes or questions you have, that fit the content of the training,  you would like to be dealt with. We will try to answer these questions as much as possible. You can email us at